Medical News Now: Delta Book flight status

Delta Book flights to Jacksonville and Dubai have been cancelled due to the Ebola outbreak, Delta said Tuesday.

The flight was supposed to depart on Tuesday evening but was cancelled due the risk of an Ebola-related virus spreading on board.

Delta said it was unable to reach a solution to this problem until Friday, but was working to find a way to allow people who might have been infected on board to board.

The company said it will resume normal operations on Friday.

The airline said the flight was expected to depart at 3 p.m.

ET Tuesday.

Delta has canceled the Delta Book service between Jacksonville and Abu Dhabi, with an additional flight to Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

Delta has suspended all bookings for all Delta Book travel to and from Dubai.

Delta Book flights are booked by passengers based on Delta’s Global Destination App, which provides flight details and flight itineraries.