Thai tourist warns of dangerous trek to Thailand

A tourist from Australia is warning tourists against travelling to Thailand on a journey that could be dangerous.

Key points:The trek to Bangkok has been delayed after the coronavirus pandemicThe trek will take about 3,200km, taking in parts of Thailand’s north and central provincesThe trek is scheduled to end on July 21 but is now being postponed because of coronaviruses concerns.

The tour, which was due to start on July 20, has been postponed as coronaviral concerns mount.

It will take an average of 3,800 kilometres, including parts of the Thai north and north-central provinces, including Bangkok.

The trek has been put on hold until further notice.

Travellers on the trip have been warned to wear full-face masks and wear protective clothing.

It has been criticised by health experts, who said it could cause respiratory infections in travellers.

The trip has been blamed for increasing the risk of respiratory infections, particularly among people who are vulnerable to the coronajavirus.

Health Minister Somyotkorn Chaiboon said on Thursday that the government would be considering issuing more protective clothing to travellers on the trek.

“It’s a very dangerous trip.

We are not giving them any extra help, just the advice that they need to be wearing protective clothing,” he said.

“We are also putting the safety of all the people on board of the aircraft in the forefront of our minds.”

Tourists are also urged to seek medical attention and not to eat any food from the Thai side of the border.

Travelers travelling from Australia are being advised to seek a medical exemption to travel to Thailand.

A tourist from Perth said the trip was a great opportunity to experience Thailand for the first time.

“If I could only take a few days to see Bangkok, then I would definitely go,” she said.

“I would love to go there.

The Thai people are wonderful and welcoming.”

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