Malaysia’s flight tracking app is getting a major upgrade

In the days following the March disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, users of Google Flight Tracker found a few glitches.

The app is now being upgraded to a “high-level” version, and the new app looks more like a Google Maps app than a flight tracking tool.

But some users are not happy about the changes.

Malaysia Airlines flight tracker is now updated with new features.

Here are some of the highlights:A more “high level” version of the app.

Malaya Airlines Flight Tracker is now a “High Level” version.

It is a big upgrade.

The new app is a lot more robust, with a new map, more information, and more helpful tips.

The main difference is that the app is no longer limited to the search bar, and it now supports Google Maps and Apple Maps.

There are a few new features too.

The navigation bar now displays in the top left corner, and a new “flight status” section shows flight status and flight times.

You can also now add your own destinations and times, including airport and airline departure times.

It is now possible to zoom in on a flight, as well as to change the color of the map to match the current theme.

The menu also has a “fly” button, which will open a new window to the right of the search area.

The button now also lets you add a “flight destination” and/or a “time zone” to the fly button, so that you can add a new destination or time zone from the Google Maps application.

The new flight info page has more information about the flight.

For example, the new page shows flight times, departure times, the last known location of the aircraft, the exact flight path, and so on.

The flight info screen also shows the current time.

A better search bar.

Flight Tracker’s search bar now has a lot of useful information.

For instance, you can now filter the results by country, time zone, airline, route, or more.

It also has the ability to sort by the type of flight, such as a “tourist” or “business” flight.

The search bar has also been redesigned.

It now displays information about your location, the time, and even the altitude of the flight you are searching.

There is also a more “modern” look to the app, with the new “travel map” section.

The old “travel” section displays a travel map, but the new map displays a “travel destination” section, which includes a link to the Google Map service.

The travel destination link lets you see the last location of a flight and a list of nearby airports.

The other options on the map include hotels, bars, shopping centers, and other destinations.

The app is also getting a new navigation bar.

The Navigation Bar section in the new version displays information on where you are, how far you are from the nearest airport, and where you have been for the last several days.

The nav bar can be accessed from the search screen.

The “more” section has been updated, too.

It shows more useful information about upcoming flight, upcoming destination, and current altitude.

Here are some more of the new features:A search bar for the Google maps app.

The search bar on the new flight information page has a new look.

The Google Maps search bar is also now a part of the navigation bar, so it can be used for more information.

A navigation bar for Apple Maps now.

Apple Maps is getting an entirely new navigation icon, and its new search bar also displays a new search icon.

The Apple Maps search icon has been replaced with a “More” navigation icon that can be seen in the navigation screen.

You also now have the option to “Show me” the navigation information you are looking for.

The option is only available for the app that you are currently using.

The icon is also much bigger than it used to be.

A “Get directions” section on the Google map app.

You now can get directions for a specific airport.

This includes flights to or from the same airport, as long as you are in the same time zone as the airport.

You will also now be able to search for directions from specific airport to specific airport, or from an airport to a specific city.

You might also be able ask the Google app for directions to specific destinations, or to specific airports.

There is also an option to search by airport name.

A more useful search bar and a navigation bar to let you filter the search results.

In addition to all of the above, the app has also got a new, more robust search bar that lets you sort by keywords, search terms, and flight type.

You do this by clicking the “more search” button in the search section.

The flight information screen has been improved.

There now is a “Get flight status” option, which lets you view the flight status, flight times (if available), and other information about

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