Aussie airline says it will replace flight 93 with a new aircraft

Australian Airways has confirmed that it will fly from Perth to Bangkok, from Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur, and from Hong Kong to Singapore.

The airline confirmed the change on its Facebook page.

“We will replace our flight 93 from Perth with a more reliable Boeing 777, with an enhanced cabin layout, with more capacity, and an upgraded crew of more than 50,” it said.

The announcement comes as the airline has faced pressure to make changes to its schedule after the death of Flight 93 co-pilot Steve Jobs, who was among the passengers on board.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of this in a long time,” Flight 93 Passenger Chris Harris told ABC Radio Perth.

“I think it’s a big step forward for us.

It’s something we can be proud of.”

Mr Harris said the plane’s flight from Perth had been “totally packed” for the trip.

“And that’s really disappointing because it’s the type of thing that we’ve done for the last 15 years and we’re not doing that anymore,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau confirmed the changes.

“Flight 93, a Boeing 777-200, has now been replaced with a Boeing 737-800-200 with more than 2,500 seat capacity, according to ATSB’s website,” they said.

“The 737-700 is currently the safest aircraft for passengers travelling on Australian skies.”

This is an important step in ensuring our aviation safety programme is effective and efficient.


RAAF 777-300 aircraft are currently operating from Darwin on 921.RAAF 737-200 aircraft will remain at the Perth base and will operate in support of air and ground operations.”


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