How to get a flight jacket on Craigslist: An AirBnB flight attendant story

When AirBnb launched in 2008, the first person to actually fly an AirBb in the U.S. was a flight attendant named Amy Johnson.

She had been on a solo trip to Hawaii and landed at her destination in Honolulu.

A few weeks later, she and her friends were invited to an Airbnb party in the city, where she decided to try on a flight suit.

“We didn’t really have any expectations,” she said.

“I was in a room full of guys who were all wearing flight jackets, and we were like, ‘Wow, that’s cool.'”

The next few years, AirBns were flying everywhere.

Johnson has since had more than 50 flights booked in the last six months.

When she had an itch to fly again, she tried on a similar suit.

The first flight she tried was from Seattle to Las Vegas, where the only problem was she didn’t know how to get on the plane, she said, and she couldn’t figure out how to take off.

“It was a little bit awkward,” Johnson said.

But when she tried another flight, the flight attendant let her fly again.

“They let me fly,” she laughed.

Now, she has a flight that she says has been the most successful she has ever had.

“So many people have flown for me, and they’ve all been so incredible,” Johnson told Recode.

“And it’s just so exciting.”