Google: We are working with the Federal Aviation Administration to develop a new safety framework for the aviation industry

SAN FRANCISCO — Google and other tech companies are developing a new, more robust safety framework that will allow airlines to offer more reliable air travel, according to the companies that have been hired to develop it.

Google’s chief operating officer, Greg Wyler, and his partners are leading a new advisory group that includes aviation industry leaders and some former government officials, according in a news release.

The group will have input from the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Transportation and other government agencies, the release said.

Its members include Google, Airbus, Boeing, Boeing-Boeing, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic.

We are working closely with aviation industry stakeholders to develop and implement a comprehensive new aviation safety framework, which will address the complex issue of passenger safety and safety in the industry, said Google CEO and co-founder Sergey Brin in the release.

Google also is a partner with JetBlue and has contributed to its pilot training program.

It will take several years to complete, and there will be some challenges to working with many stakeholders, Wyler said.

The company’s new framework will be developed by Wyler’s advisory group, which includes representatives from airlines, aviation, and civil aviation, according the release, which did not specify who the group would be.

“This group will also be tasked with creating recommendations to enhance and expand aviation safety, and provide industry input on the framework,” Wyler wrote in the statement.

There are about 6,000 passengers killed each year on the nation’s commercial airline flights, according To The News.

Airlines have been trying to expand capacity to handle more passengers as the industry has recovered from the Great Recession and the Great Flood in 2015, which left thousands of passengers stranded in their planes.

But the airlines have faced challenges with security, baggage handling and the like.

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