‘It’s not what it seems’: Why are so many New York City flights cancelled?

The city’s air travel industry is in turmoil, with more than 40,000 flights cancelled and the cancellation of more than 1.8 million flights for the month of March.

Key points:Almost 1.9 million flights were cancelled in March, including 1.6 million for the week ending March 19This means a quarter of New York’s air travelers will miss their flights, and nearly half of New Yorkers will miss workA New York-based flight was cancelled over New York due to an illness.

The airport authority says the incident was related to a health issue.

A spokesperson for the New York Airport Authority says the airline had to cancel over 2,000 domestic and international flights for March.

The airline had a major incident last week when the cabin crew was unable to secure the aircraft for a flight from Newark Airport to Washington, DC, the New Yorker newspaper reported.

“Due to a serious illness, the airline is temporarily halting all flight operations from Newark, New Jersey to Washington D.C.,” New York airport spokeswoman Kristine Jaffe told ABC News.

“The flight will be rescheduled to the next flight of the day, March 31.”

But the airline said the incident did not affect the operation of other flights.

The incident comes amid an escalating political crisis at the Trump administration.

Last week, Trump said the airline was trying to cover up the problem, but the US government has repeatedly denied the claim.

Mr Trump and his administration have blamed the airline for the airline’s failures.

“There is absolutely no truth to this.

There is a massive, massive conspiracy going on by the airlines,” the President said in an interview with Fox News.

Mr Obama also said in a statement on March 12 that “there is absolutely nothing to support the claim that the airline did anything wrong” when it had to suspend flights.

“In fact, I was there for the first time in late March, and I think it was a very good time,” he said.

“I flew from Washington to Los Angeles, to San Francisco, to Boston, and a lot of people were saying, ‘Oh my God, it’s been canceled’.

And I was like, ‘It wasn’t canceled at all’.”

It’s true that there were some problems that were being worked out with the airlines and with the government, and that’s why they canceled the flights.

“In March, New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the airlines were to blame for the delays and cancellations.”

If the airlines did not know that the problems that they were having with passengers were going to become a problem and that they had to step in, then they were not responsible for the fact that those problems are continuing to occur,” Mr Schneiderman told ABC’s “This Week” programme.


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