‘I want to get out of here’: Former flight attendant on how to survive a plane crash

The former flight attendant who was on board a plane headed for Canada when it crashed in the Atlantic Ocean is now struggling to recover from her injuries.

Amber Rios, 26, who was a flight attendant with the Alaska Airlines flight to Montreal, Canada, died Monday, a spokesperson for the airline confirmed to CBC News.

The plane’s pilot, Thomas J. Wiesner, was on the plane, and was taken to a hospital in Newfoundland for treatment, the spokesperson said.

Willsner was a certified commercial pilot, according to the airline’s website.

Amber’s brother, Mike, told CBC News he was “absolutely devastated” by his sister’s death.

“She had her heart in the right place and it was a tragedy,” he said.

“It just hit me that she was the person that made sure we made the right decisions in the best interests of our family.”

Amber was on a flight from San Francisco to Toronto when the plane crashed into the Atlantic.

Her flight was not on a route that would be serviced by a Canadian Airways plane.

“We have to get her home, but we are going to get there,” Mike said.

Amber was a single mother to her two children, ages 6 and 5.

She had just returned from Canada when the crash happened, and said she was planning to return home to Canada.

She also worked as a flight attendants with the airline, which she joined in February, she said.

CBC News has reached out to Alaska Airlines for comment.