How to navigate the airline’s flight tracking system

Dublin Airport is using its flight tracking to make its flights less predictable.

Dublin Airport says the flight tracking has reduced the likelihood of a collision between a plane and a plane flying above it, but that it still needs to be a “very precise thing”.

The system monitors an area at least a kilometre across, which is known as the aircraft “globe”.

The airport said it has tested its systems using different routes and routes that were “a bit more difficult to get off the ground”.

The data from the aircraft, which includes radar data, is transmitted to an iPad, which then displays it to passengers.

The system has been used on about 1,000 flights in the past 12 months.

The airport has installed more than 500 aircraft on the ground and will soon have over 500 aircraft in the air.

The Airport said the flight data was being analysed and would be used to improve the system.

It is now working with other European airports to provide flight tracking software to ensure it is up to date and can be used more efficiently.

The software is used to check if an aircraft has left the airport before it can be taken off.