Microsoft Flight Simulator Live: What to expect from the live flight trackers

In the past few years, Microsoft FlightSimulators have become increasingly popular with aviation enthusiasts.

They can be downloaded from the company’s website and can be used to create and fly real aircraft, and are capable of simulating various flight conditions.

While the company doesn’t make a big deal out of simulators being able to simulate a real aircraft in flight, Microsoft’s FlightSims are capable and the company has made some impressive hardware for them.

This year Microsoft is also releasing a new version of Flight Simulator that includes a new live flight tracking app, as well as some interesting new features.

Microsoft FlightSim will be able to record flight trajectories and track individual aircraft.

This is not a completely new feature to FlightSim, but it’s the first time it’s been able to do this for the live trackers. 

Microsoft has also added an option to enable flight tracking for non-critical systems, like cameras.

If you turn on this option, Microsoft will record all your flights and show you where they were, but you won’t be able see any of your flights.

This could be a big boon to pilots who want to save time by not having to manually turn on the camera.

If you don’t want to enable the live tracking feature, you can disable it by editing your FlightSim preferences.

In the “Flight Tracking” section, go to the “Advanced Options” tab and change the “Use Camera” to “None”.

You can also toggle the “Enable Camera Tracking” checkbox if you prefer.

On the main page, you’ll see a “Change Your Settings” section.

The next screen is “Enable Live Flight Tracking”.

To enable the feature, simply select “Live Tracking” from the list of options.

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