Why are airlines cancelling flights in Peru?

The price of flights in Bolivia has dropped by almost half, with Peru Airlines cancelling more than 10 flights, its website said.

The Bolivian airline said the number of cancellations was “extremely high” in the past few days and would continue to fall.

The flights were booked for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The airline said it had cancelled two flights on Monday because of the high number of cancelled flights.

The airlines website said the company had to cancel five flights on Wednesday because of an emergency, including one flight from Lima to Chilpancingo.

It said on Friday that the number was “more than 20” on the day it cancelled the flights. 

According to the company, the flights are due to be rebooked on Monday. 

The website said that since the cancellation, the price of the flight in Bolivia had dropped by “almost half”.

The company said that the price was “exorbitant” and “unacceptable”. 

“It is not a good time for the country to have so many flights cancelled and a low price,” said CEO Jose Luis Solis.