How to plan flights to Germany

The new rules will require air travellers to use an airline’s flightbooking system in Germany.

This means that all domestic flights must use the German service DHL, instead of a domestic carrier’s.

The German service has been operating since the end of 2015, with DHL providing a vast majority of domestic flights.

The DHL service is still available in the UK, but is only available on a limited number of flights between Britain and Germany.

A DHL flight from London to Brussels would have to use the Euflan Airlines service. 

The new rules were first reported by Sky News, but Sky also reported on the European Commission’s decision.

This news has since been confirmed by the German airline IG, which confirmed that the changes were approved on Monday.

The DGTA said it would publish a list of airlines which had agreed to comply with the new rules, but said that the list would not include DHL. 

Airlines were given until January 1 to comply, or face a fine of up to €1 million. 

There is still a big question mark over whether these changes are really necessary.

In 2017, the European Parliament recommended a ban on the use of DHL for flights to and from Germany, and also said that it would consider a ban for domestic flights between the EU and Canada. 

But even if these changes do not affect the use by German airlines of DHR services, they are a big win for European airlines. 

DHL has been a dominant provider of international air travel for decades, so the move by the DGTA to take advantage of the new regulations may be a step in the right direction for the airline.