How to get flights to Miami

The cost of travel to Miami is a nightmare for those on low incomes.

But for many it’s an opportunity, with flights from at least six cities around the world being offered by airlines.

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is the second most expensive city in Europe with a flight from Ireland costing €732.70.

The cost is even higher in the US, where it is €3,939.50.

Dubai, the UAE’s second-most expensive city, is next with a trip from Ireland cost €859.50, while Paris, Germany’s second most-expensive city, costs €1,052.80.

Dublans flights are available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, but the first to book online has to pay a fee of €50 to €100 depending on the flight destination.

The other way around is to book by phone, which costs €100.

Irish Airways, Ireland’s national carrier, says the flights will be added to its list of new destinations within six months.

However, many are sceptical.

Ruthie Connolly from Dublin said the airline was “stuck in the 1950s” when it started to offer direct flights.

She said she had never had a problem with travel and was only concerned with the cost of getting home.

“I’m always on the go, but it’s never been an issue,” Ms Connolly said.

“The Irish airlines have got to realise that this is an industry where the customer is king and if they’re not getting good value out of a journey, they’re certainly not going to make money.”

Dublin is a city with a huge international airport, with more than 300 flights a day.

Dubs airport is an essential hub for Europe, which has been devastated by the recent economic crisis.

Dubris airport opened in 2005, making it the busiest in Europe.

Dubliners spend an average of £2,300 in Dublin every year.

However many airlines have been unable to recoup their costs of servicing the airport, and now the Government is looking to reduce the number of flights being operated to Ireland.

Dubliner airline Air Ireland said it was not able to offer any direct flights to Ireland in the next six months due to financial difficulties.

The company’s chief executive, David Dyson, said it had lost €50 million on its international operations in the past two years and its revenue had declined by nearly 40 per cent.

We can’t guarantee that the Government will provide us with the funding we need, but we do know that we are not without the support of our partners in the EU and the Government.”

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