Why United Airlines is taking advantage of a bad economy to raise fares

United Airlines said it would hike fares on flights to and from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago in a bid to boost revenue.

The United Air Lines said Tuesday it would raise the fare for one-way tickets to and over the United States and Canada from $75 to $85, the highest it has ever done.

United’s flights to San Francisco will be the first to increase prices this year.

The airline has a long history of increasing fares on its flights to the United Kingdom and Europe.

United said that on Monday, it had increased its fares for one to two flights per day in the U.K. for the first time in seven years.

The fare increase was the biggest for a single flight in the United Arab Emirates since December 2012.

United also said it was raising fares for two one-seat domestic flights between New York and London by 25 percent.

United is the first airline to announce the increases this year, according to United spokesman David Bierlein.

The hikes are expected to cost the company $2.2 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2019, according for United.

The airline said it plans to raise prices on tickets between San Francisco and New York City by 25 cents to $1.75 per one-hour roundtrip.

United says it has also raised fares on tickets to New York, London and Los Angeles by more than 25 cents.

The increases come as the United Airlines fleet of 737 MAX planes is nearing capacity.

United, whose flights to Las Vegas, Phoenix and Los Gatos are the busiest in the world, is trying to expand its fleet of smaller, less expensive planes that can seat two to four passengers and carry passengers for about $1,200.

United last year raised fares for domestic flights from $70 to $80 per person.

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