Hacker News user has an Uber account and is planning to hijack the company’s fleet

Hacker News users have hijacked an Uber fleet, sending it crashing to the ground in their attempt to take control.

The hack was discovered by user #bora_bora on Hacker News after it was reported by Uber.

The hacker used a tool called Xposed to access the company servers.

The Uber fleet was reportedly offline for some time, but the Uber app was still accessible on Monday morning.

The Hacker News post claims the Uber fleet is being used by a hacker to get access to the Uber account.

The account is now being used to send a fake email to the company that contains malicious code that is sending the Uber data to the hacker.

“We are working to fix this and restore control to Uber.

Please be advised that we are aware of the issue and are investigating,” the company said in a statement to The Verge.

Uber did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

The hacked Uber fleet consists of 12 UberX cars and a fleet of Uber-branded vans, which have been reported to have been used by the hacker to attack other Uber cars.

Uber confirmed to Ars that it is investigating the issue.

“Uber is currently aware of this incident,” the spokesperson told Ars.

“The Uber team is working with Uber to address this as quickly as possible.”