A plane for all alaskans

A plane is needed to ferry the people and cargo of the state of Alaska out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and onto a runway.

The Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-400 was recently unveiled in a ceremony in Anchorage, as the state’s first aircraft to operate out of an airport in the state.

It is the state government’s largest cargo aircraft, and it will ferry Alaska’s 1.5 million residents, as well as their luggage and supplies, to and from Alaska’s cities, the state legislature, the capitol, the U.S. Capitol and other government facilities.

The Boeing 737 was delivered to the Alaska Air Corporation in March.

The plane is owned by Alaska Airlines and Alaska Airlines Commercial Air Services.

Alaska Airlines says the 737 will be the state transport aircraft for the next five years, and that the aircraft will be able to carry around 500 passengers and 40,000 pounds of cargo.