What to do if you’re flying from Mumbai to Delhi, Delhi to Delhi

By now you’ve probably seen a lot of news about Air India, the state-run airline.

And rightly so.

The airline has been the subject of several controversies over its handling of its business and the treatment of employees.

But a new survey from global consulting firm PwC, which tracks travel trends, shows that the airline’s domestic and international flights are also doing quite well.

In fact, the company’s domestic flight fleet is up 50% over last year, and its international flights up nearly 80%.

The findings are based on an extensive survey of 1,500 passengers flying on Air India’s domestic, international and international-only routes in the month of December.

The survey found that domestic flights are up 55% on last year and that international flights have doubled.

Domestic flights are averaging over 15,000 passengers per flight, compared to 9,000 last year.

International flights have risen by over 10,000.

PwC also found that the domestic and internationally routes are also seeing the largest increase in seat-sharing, which is the practice of people sharing their seats with one another.

This is because of growing demand for more seats in crowded cabins.

The company says the share of domestic and non-stop flights that have seat sharing is up 70% compared to 2016.

Pwc’s study also found an increase in international flights as more travellers are choosing to travel in cities where there is no domestic carrier.

In the past year, for instance, there were more international flights than domestic flights on the international-oriented routes.

International flights are currently more popular than domestic flight.

In 2016, the global average passenger capacity on international routes was 1.4 seats, according to the latest data from SeatScan.

PewC says the number of international flights is now up to 4.6 times the number domestic flights, an increase of almost 50%.

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