Pricey flights on go on sale online in Indonesia

Indonesia’s national carrier, AirAsia, is to begin offering cheap flights on the e-commerce website, which is owned by the Malaysian conglomerate, Philip Morris International.

The move follows a recent decision by Indonesian government to allow private airlines to offer cheaper fares to the public.

A statement from AirAsia said it will begin selling flights on Tuesday (AEDT) for Indonesian citizens, who will be able to book via a special “ticketing page” on Amazon and select destinations in the region.

The company said the flights will cost around $300 per seat, but will include a seat reservation fee of $1, and will be available for booking between 8am (local time) and 8pm (local) on Monday.

AirAsia has already started selling flights to some cities in Malaysia, but it said it plans to expand its services to more countries in the coming weeks.

Air Asia has a total fleet of more than 2,600 aircraft and has a long-term interest in expanding its service into Indonesia.