U.S. Air Force to start testing for Ebola virus on flights to Indiana and other states

The Air Force has begun testing U.N. personnel for Ebola in response to a U.K. outbreak, the U.A.E. said Thursday.

The Air Forces Health Protection Agency (AFSPA) in Washington, D.C., has started screening U.

Ns who have traveled to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria.

The AFSPA will conduct weekly testing in the next several weeks and a full roll-out of testing will begin in March, according to AFSPA.

The AFSPA has already tested about 50 U.NSs, with the remaining 20 to 25 being selected for testing.

It’s a huge step for the Air Force, which is struggling to control the spread of the deadly virus, and has struggled to recruit and train U.


The U.s. military is not currently testing Uns in West Africa.