What you need to know about flight checker – Lufthansa

The airline is offering a new app to help users check in to their flights.

Flight Checker is a free app that lets users check their flight details, check their baggage, and even see the time and the destination of the flight.

The app will only work on flights to countries where the airline can verify the data.

Lufthaningair is launching the new app, called FlightChecker, on Thursday.

The airline says the app will help airlines and airports find flights that have been cancelled or delayed, and they’ll be able to see when the airline is reopening.

It will also give the airline a way to monitor the flight to ensure it’s on time.

Lufthsa also says it will be adding new services, like tracking flight times, to the app.

FlightChecker is not the only app Luftha is adding to its system.

Lefthansas flight tracking app, LufTran, is also being updated.

Luggage tracking service FlyTrack is also adding new features, including the ability to see the last flight and check in on your bag, according to Lufa.