Tokyo’s ‘flying restaurant’ gets first flight

Tokyo: A flying restaurant in Japan’s Tokyo has been awarded the prestigious title of best-kept secret in the country.

The Tokyo Travel Agency (TTA) unveiled the world’s first “flying restaurant” on Tuesday, claiming it would be a “big hit” with locals.

The restaurant will offer “an unforgettable experience” on flights from Tokyo to Tokyo Disneyland, the agency said.

The TTA will also open its first restaurant in Osaka, the capital of Japan’s north-western province of Honshu, the TTA said.

It said the “flying dining experience” will include “gourmet and local cuisine”, as well as a “unique, premium, high-quality service”.

“We will offer guests a unique experience in the comfort of their own home,” the TFA said.

A Japanese newspaper, the Kyodo news agency, said it had seen a video of the restaurant in operation, and said it was likely to open soon.

The agency said the restaurant would also cater to foreigners.TTA has been looking for a new name for its flying restaurant, but said it has been unable to find one that would make sense.

The name it is working on is “Flying Restaurant” and the restaurant will not be named as such because it has “no connotations”, the agency added.TNA said it is currently trying to find an “enthusiastic” sponsor to sponsor the restaurant.

It said the new restaurant would be open from March 1.