How to get cheap flights to and from Dubai via cheap flights (UK, UAE, Qatar)

Google’s latest “faster” flight service, the AirTran, now has its first customer in the UAE.

A report by the UAE Daily News says the service, which has been operating in Dubai for about a year, was launched on Wednesday, and will be rolled out across the country over the next few weeks.

The service uses the same basic aircraft as the AirAsia A320 and has been available to AirTravellers since July.

The airline had previously been the only carrier offering AirTram services to the UAE, but now its flights will be available via cheaper, direct routes, like the one you’ll be flying from now to March.

“Our aim is to provide cheap flights, so that we can bring cheap people to Dubai to enjoy the sights and the music and the culture of the city, and make our customers feel at home,” AirTrans spokesperson Nadia Hossain told the Daily News.

She added that AirTrams will start out as a low-cost option to flights to other destinations, but that eventually the service will be expanded to include domestic flights, as well.

The company said it was also planning to open a second AirTrap service to other airports, including those in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

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