Spirit flight status in NYC – Delta flight status

Spirit flight has been delayed by 2 hours in New York due to an ice storm in the Hudson River, Delta has announced.

The flight, which was originally scheduled to depart New York City on March 10, will now depart on March 16, Delta said in a statement on Thursday.

The airline said the flight will be delayed until Sunday evening due to the weather.

The airline added that a flight attendant will be in contact with passengers to get them updated on their status.

The company also said passengers may be able to book a flight home, though Delta will not confirm whether that will be possible.

The carrier added that the affected flight was a Delta Flight 472.

Delta said in the statement that passengers can book a refund through their credit card by going to the Delta website and entering the code “12” for the “Spirit Flight Refund”.

The New York State Department of Transportation is advising people to prepare for an ice-free day, according to the DOT website.

Ahead of the flight, Delta’s flight operations office had warned passengers to check their flights and check the weather in case of an emergency, saying: “Please note that there is a chance of ice.

Delta recommends that you bring a jacket, wet suit and gloves.

If you do not have this gear, we strongly suggest that you call us.

Please do not drive if ice is expected to develop.

If conditions change, we will notify our partners.

If an emergency develops, please call 911 or the NYC Fire Department.

If this happens, please stay with your loved ones.

Thank you.”

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