How to fly a plane in Britain

Here’s everything you need to know about the UK’s airspace rules, including a flight plan and a full list of airways.


What is an airspace zone?

The airspace zone is an area within a country’s territory that is defined by rules laid down by the Department for Transport.

A flight within this airspace can be restricted by the Civil Aviation Authority and will therefore be subject to restrictions on when and how many times you can fly.


What are the flight restrictions?

The UK’s flight rules apply to all airlines operating within its airspace, but there are some important exceptions to these rules: the airspace in the Channel Islands (which are known as the Channel of Ireland) is closed to all aircraft from May 21.

You can fly through the airspace between Scotland and Northern Ireland, and you can take a route across the Channel.

This means there are no flights between the UK and Ireland or between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

You also cannot fly over the Channel, or across the border between Northern and the Isle of Man.

However, you can enter the Channel from the Channel Isles or from the Republic.


Can I fly within the UK?

You can, but you’ll need to be at least 21 years old to fly in the UK.

The regulations also restrict flights by air cargo, including goods from the UK that contain any kind of “substance”.


Can a British-registered aircraft be flown within the Channel?

British-based air traffic control (ATC) services operate in the channel island airspace.

This airspace is controlled by the British government.

The ATC is responsible for the safety of all aircraft in this airspace.

In addition, British airlines operating in this channel are subject to the rules of the European Economic Area (EEA), which include a number of other rules that apply to UK flights.


Can an air route cross the Channel without a UK flight?

A UK-registered plane is allowed to fly across the English Channel.

The Air Traffic Control Authority (ATCA) oversees the airspace and will determine when, how and where an aircraft can fly, as well as the rules for the air routes that they can use.


Where can I fly an aircraft?

The only airspace restrictions you’ll have to be aware of are those for air cargo flights, which are normally allowed to cross the English or Channel Islands without a flight.


Where are the rules?

There are a number the British Airports Authority (BAA) and the Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA) have to deal with.

The rules for air routes are set out in the Civil Air Navigation Rules 2000.

The Civil Aviation (Miscellaneous) Regulations (1998) cover airspace around UK ports, airports and airfields, and the rules governing the flying of aircraft are also contained in the Air Navigation Regulations (2001).


Are there restrictions for UK-based airlines?

In general, no.

However there are specific rules for flights in the British Isles and the Channel islands, as described in the following sections.


What’s a UK-regulated route?

The Civil Aeroports (Regulation) Regulations 1999 (Cairro).

These rules were last updated in 2015.

They set out the rules in place for the use of air routes between the British Islands and the British Channel islands.

This allows airlines to fly within this region, and allows the flights to be operated in a regulated way.

The UK Civil Aviation Regulations 1999 define an “air route” as a route between a place and place in the United Kingdom where the airspace is open to all persons and to all modes of transport and to the public at large.

These regulations do not apply to flights between any part of the United States of America or between any other country.

The United Kingdom Civil Aviation Regulation (2007) outlines some of the rules that are required to operate in this area.


Are UK-operated flights safe?

The rules governing air traffic are a complex one.

The CAA has to be satisfied that all flights are safe, and that the aircraft can safely and effectively operate within the airspace.

The airline must demonstrate that it is capable of safely and efficiently operating the aircraft in an emergency.

In some instances, the CAA can be satisfied to the extent that it allows the airline to operate without the need for a commercial pilot licence.

The government can also decide that a commercial flight is a risk, but it’s not required to do so.

In most cases, commercial airlines operating from the British overseas territory of the Channel Island of Guernsey must comply with the rules.

This includes air travel within the country between Guernseys and England and Northern Wales.


What about commercial flights?

You’re only allowed to take flights within the British territories of the Isle and the United Provinces of Great Britain and Northern Britain (IPG).

This means that commercial airlines from these territories are allowed to operate within this area, and all flights from the mainland of the UK must be safe.

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