What is Uber’s business model?

Uber’s ride-hailing service has long been a contentious business.

Uber is now facing a backlash from users who are upset that they are paying for a ride when they could be using their own money to cover the cost of the ride.

Uber has faced an onslaught of criticism since it launched in 2017.

On Wednesday, the company issued a statement that said the service is “not a taxi service” and that its “goal is to provide a reliable and affordable ride experience for drivers.”

Uber has also come under fire for being the first company to offer UberX, which allows users to hail rides in a car for an extra fee.

UberX was rolled out to customers in September 2018, and Uber is currently adding additional services to its platform.

The company has been criticized for the fact that it does not charge fares for UberX rides, which means drivers are paying to ride with the company.