Cloud flight at 1,000 km altitude and 2,000km range: Report

A group of Indian scientists has conducted the first detailed flight of a hyperx cloud, which they say can be used to boost the performance of satellite internet services.

The team of scientists led by Professor P.K. Prasad from the Centre for Geo-Physical Analysis and Research at the University of Hyderabad and Dr. R.N. Vadakur from the University College of India (UCA) said their cloud-flying experiment was successful on July 8, which is the second flight of the system. 

The first flight was on July 4.

The researchers said they used a hyperyield of about 20 teraflops to produce the clouds at a height of 2,500 metres and a distance of 2.4 million kilometres, with the hyperyielding achieved at about 1,500 meters altitude and a range of 1.7 million kilometres. 

“These results provide a very exciting and realistic scenario for the future hyperx system development,” Prasasad told the Indian Express. 

Prisasad said the hyperx, which can be produced in the lab, is an ideal platform for the production of cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) applications, as it has a high performance, low cost, and low latency, and is scalable. 

India has been a key market for the hyperX cloud as its government and telecom companies have sought to gain access to the technology. 

Prasasat, who has published a number of papers on hyperx technology, told the Hindustan Times that he had been working on the technology since 2015.

“We have been working for about a year on developing the hyperYield technology for the cloud based Internet ofThings (Ioty),” Prasar told the newspaper. 

Vadakar, who was awarded the 2015 IIT Madras International Prize for Science and Technology, said the results showed that the hyperxx cloud is “the next step in the evolution of cloud computing”.

“It is a highly promising technology, and we are going to make hyperxx the standard cloud computing platform in India,” he said. 

Indian telecom companies are already testing hyperx systems, but most of them have been focused on deploying it on mobile phones.

The Hyperxx cloud platform is also expected to be deployed in India in the near future. 

In October, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) said it will roll out a new cloud-connected mobile application that will be powered by hyperxx technology.

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